Domain Registration

To identify you and your company on globe, the first step is selecting your domain name for uniquely identification. If you don't have any domain name yet, you would like to use Fossilcrut Technologies to register a domain name for your firm.

Fossilcrust Technologies is here with you to keep you on web, so you can increase your business network.

We register domain for you according to your need, there are list of following domain names that you would like to select:

  • .COM (Commercial)
  • .NET (Networking)
  • .ORG (organization)
  • .INFO (Information)
  • .BIZ (business)
  • .US (Sites related to USA)
  • .CO.IN
  • .NET.IN
  • .ORG.IN
  • .GEN.IN
  • .FIRM.IN
  • .IN (Sites related to INDIA)
  • .CC